Game Room: Seating and Storage

Sep 27


There are so many options when it comes to seating in your child’s game room. Don’t just stick with the regular chairs. Get something that will spruce up the room and make it unique. One of the things you can get for the room would be a bean bag chair. They come in all different sizes and colors. You could get small individual bean bags, or they even make huge family size bean bags that could fit up to four people.

You can also invest in gamer chairs. Video game chairs also come in all different colors and styles. These chairs are great because they are designed to fit your body comfortably while sitting on the floor.  The price range of these chairs varies. They can come in vinyl material, or even leather. Some come with armrests on the chairs, and even built in wireless audio. Some of the video gamer chairs can even fold up so you can store them away to make room for other things. These chairs are definitely great for a game room.


Having storage for all of video games or board games is a very important thing to have to keep the room organized and neat. Now you can buy video game towers for the room. You can find these just about anywhere. They come in all sizes and models. You can get a tower that is tall and just holds the video games. There are also towers that will hold the video games and the game console.  You can also find towers that will hold those plus your child’s video controllers. Having everything in one spot will insure that your child will find his games easily and the room will stay organized.

If you are looking for nontraditional storage ideas, locker furniture is always fun. You can find locker stands that can hold the video game console on top and games in the locker drawers. You can also get the tall lockers to house all of your video games. Getting a wider locker will also work for storing all of your child’s board games. These lockers come in all colors, so it will be easy to make sure that you get a color that will go with your game room theme.

Creating a game room is very simple and will be so much fun for both the parents and child. Letting your son have a say in the creation of the room will insure that his game room will get a lot of use out of it. Plus, calling it a “game room” will be sure to get your son excited. He will have his friends over in no time to show off his room.

Developing Great Kids Room Ideas

Aug 03
Your child starts their imagination at an early age. In fact, it’s incredible the amount of exploration they have in them so young.  Their rooms are a place where they can go to get away from reality for a bit or it’s a place they go to strengthen their imagination.  In either case (and in cases in between), they spend considerable amounts of time in the room; therefore, any kids room ideas must be stunning and inspirational at the same time.

Let’s face it, boys and girls have different types of imaginations.  For little girls, they can enjoy princess themes while boys can have their Army men and jungle settings.  Whatever the case is there are plenty of enjoyable ideas for kids.  Here, we will explore a few that may be just up your child’s alley.

Fireman-Themed Rooms

Every kid wants to be a fireman, don’t they?  It’s the ultimate job: save lives, put out fires, and drive big cars – it’s the dream of every child.  Some common furniture to match the likeness of the theme include a truck-inspired bed, red wallpaper (or paint) coupled with fire hydrant stickers, and various insignias which include your local firemen’s company and motto on it pasted to the wall or on furniture items.

Down-Home Southern Comfort

This room can fit a boy’s or girl’s imagination.  There are plenty of things to really enjoy about a southern-style home from the ambiance all the way to the feel.  Some ideas to implement into the room are oak chests for clothes or shoes, followed by a comforter or quilt that has the traditional southern patterns on it.  Southern comfort warms people to the core because of the hospitality and architecture.  These ideas can come to life in a bedroom.

Disney Room

A popular kids room idea, a Disney room can transform any room into Disneyland.  It fits both boys and girls and they have fan bases in just about every country, every age, every group.  From Mickey and Minnie all the way to Donald and Pluto, there are a lot of options with this theme.  For girls, they can have princess beds and pink or red sequins, or they can give their room a castle look. Boys can have Mickey or Donald pasted to the walls of their room, or they can play the villain and have a hideout or lair as their room layout.

There are many kids room ideas and it should never make a difference how old they are.  They will imagine things all day long.  A child will spend a good portion of time in their room – it might as well be the way they want it.