Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Part 2

Apr 04

The Stickers

Once the backdrops are painted, it is easy to paste the stickers or decals where you see fit.  In an instant, you have a jungle room.  It is also okay to use any existing furniture, such as the bookshelf, dresser, and bed.  All of that only adds a little emphasis to the room.  The good thing about stickers and decals is that they can easily be taken down and replaced to further shift the look of the scene.

Have Fun

There are many kids room ideas but children of all ages at some point really enjoy lions, tigers, bears, and other ferocious animals.  It’s the simple things in life that make us appreciate our children.  Regardless of whether they have that set up for a year or even a month, you were able to decorate an elaborate and fun scene for your child. The important thing to do is to have fun with the whole thing.  It is a family effort and it provides opportunities to bond and be more active.

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