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Really Cheap Room Ideas for Kids

Aug 13

The ages 2-10 are really the most important age for kids to really start getting a feel of the surroundings around them. They learn from it and their imaginations just blow up into something so tremendously awesome.  This is where kids room ideas come into play.  Kid’s rooms are one of the hardest things to decorate because they just have several different interests. I know, I know. There is a fear with constantly changing the room to put something more unique in there, but decorating a room doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some things that you can do and buy that won’t break your bank. 

  • Decals – Listen, you can find thousands of decals at toy stores or department stores at really cheap.  In fact, you can decorate a 170 – 200 square foot room for less than 50 bucks. Seriously, it can be Disney characters, or it can be a salute to your favorite athlete or sport.  Either way it is so cheap.  Simply peel and stick it to the wall.  When you move onto the next interest for your child, just peel it off and slap on another one. There are no other supplies that you need to buy.
  • Upholstery – Much like decals, getting upholstery fabric and the like is easy.  Reupholstering may not be easy, but if you get it done, you instantly change the look of the furniture and the room. Fabric comes in all shapes and sizes; therefore the options are endless. One thing of note is that fabric can be resold at various fabric shops.  Any money you get back is worth it – especially if you change the room repeatedly.
  • Use Less Furniture, More Painting – Of course this is for the more artistic type.  You really can maximize some space by using less furniture and you can make your room look bigger by painting on designs and decorations on the room.  Painting is so fun and oftentimes relaxing. It is also something you and your child can get into together for some very lasting moments.

There are various kids room ideas but really you have to know what to do because you’re the parent.  You can’t go wrong if you want to try to develop their imaginations at such a young age. There is nothing better than watching your kid’s eyes light up to how awesome their room is.  The only problem is we as parents have to get a little creative ourselves – but it will be worth it!