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Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Part 1

Mar 03

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

As a young child you remember the fun times you had in the zoo.  You had a fascination with the big, ferocious animals (and the really small ones, too).  Well, why not bring those fascinations to your kid’s bedroom for a long time to come.  Bring the animal kingdom to life in the bedroom by getting a little creative.  Today, there are many decals and stickers that can be used – and coupled with paint, you have something great on your hands.  If one decides to get creative, parents (even kids) can mix and match different textures and fabrics to create an impressive scene.

The Paint

Paint, if used wisely, is a cost-effective way to decorate a room.  In this case, if you truly want a good animal scene, it is far cheaper to use paint for important backdrops such as grass, trees, sun, moon, and water structures.  These backdrops come in the form of molds that can be used to paint through so you don’t have to try your amateur art skills on your child’s wall.  Painting can go a long way in each room.  Regardless of the scene one decides to make, there are several paint choices to choose from and different scenarios in which to paint.  The only requirement here is a little creativity.  Painting does not have to be difficult and it is something that your child and their friends can get in on.