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What to Think About

Feb 05

Generating Kids Room Ideas for the Parent

Every age group whether it is an infant to an adult will have a theme to a room – or at the very least some kind of design to it.  However, a child’s room is often the most interesting one because on the one hand they are out of that age of infancy and going into an age of understanding.  On the other they aren’t quite adults and start to develop a keen imagination.  Kids room ideas can be difficult to build and design because they take on various interests at different age levels.  What is chic one year may not be popular the next.   Everything in a kids room is fair play to be dressed up or touched with something.


Furniture consists of their bed, dresser, television, desks, and other things in the room that make it decorative.  In regards to furniture it can be touched up to fit a theme.  For the education inclined, a chalkboard dresser provides uniqueness – and you can write on it. Beds, frames and other furniture can also experience being a chalkboard for a while. This is just one of the many things that people do with their furniture.  Regardless of the direction one takes, furniture should not be forgotten about. Touch it up in your own way; it’s certainly not off limits.


Your walls are an open canvas.  People like buying decals or stickers with a particular theme and paste it to the wall. While that’s not a bad idea, there are many other options available like painting it or sketching a design that is near and dear to your child.  The kids room ideas just keep going.


The lighting is a unique aspect of any room. You can also change the lighting for your child to experience something obviously unique.  Change the color of the bulb or even add stickers to it.  Whatever you decide to do, one should never forget about the lighting, whether it is a lamp or ceiling light.

Where to Go from Here

A child’s imagination is key so it is important to be able to find a balance that your child will enjoy thoroughly.  Their room is a place they will see a lot.  Don’t forget, however, that the room will also be used for doing homework, play time, and many other things during the day.  Let the room be conducive to their needs.  Get their input if needed and provide that excellent environment for them to live and learn in.  Allow them to grow their imagination – and they will be better for it.