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Nov 26

Decorating rooms for children can be an easy but difficult thing to do. It is easy because it is so much fun. Letting your creativity come out to design for a child is amazing. You have so many different possibilities that can go into a children’s playroom. The reason why it is so difficult is because you want to make the playroom last. The meaning of that is, you need to make sure that it is decorated so that four or five years down the road the child is still interested in the room. So doing character themes are never a great idea. Do you think your child is still going to be interested in Barney or Elmo when they are eight? Unless you want to repaint and decorate the room again, character themes should be avoided.


If you decide to paint all the walls a different color, a nice soft paint color is the best to choose. It can be a light yellow, pink, blue, green, orange. Whatever ever color you want will be fine. The reason you should pick a soft color is because you can decorate over it. You can paint murals or just about anything over a nice soft base color. You should just think of this paint color as your starting point, and not the overall theme of the room.

The best paint ever invented has to be chalkboard paint. Just think about all the times your little one is going to get creative, and will want to draw you a nice big picture that is just not going to fit on their little piece of paper. Now just imagine yourself cleaning that beautiful picture off of the wall for hours. Not fun is it?! That’s when the chalkboard paint comes in handy. I know that some people just cant think of the color black going onto a wall. Well that great thing about the chalkboard paint is that it comes in different colors like:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Black, and every color in-between

You can put the paint on one wall, or just do a boarder around the bottom half of all the walls in the room. That way if your little one is tempted to draw on the walls, they are all safe to let them doodle wherever they want to. The kids will thoroughly enjoy drawing on a bigger scale, and you can keep their art up for as long as you want.