Really Cheap Room Ideas for Kids

Aug 13

The ages 2-10 are really the most important age for kids to really start getting a feel of the surroundings around them. They learn from it and their imaginations just blow up into something so tremendously awesome.  This is where kids room ideas come into play.  Kid’s rooms are one of the hardest things to decorate because they just have several different interests. I know, I know. There is a fear with constantly changing the room to put something more unique in there, but decorating a room doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some things that you can do and buy that won’t break your bank. 

  • Decals – Listen, you can find thousands of decals at toy stores or department stores at really cheap.  In fact, you can decorate a 170 – 200 square foot room for less than 50 bucks. Seriously, it can be Disney characters, or it can be a salute to your favorite athlete or sport.  Either way it is so cheap.  Simply peel and stick it to the wall.  When you move onto the next interest for your child, just peel it off and slap on another one. There are no other supplies that you need to buy.
  • Upholstery – Much like decals, getting upholstery fabric and the like is easy.  Reupholstering may not be easy, but if you get it done, you instantly change the look of the furniture and the room. Fabric comes in all shapes and sizes; therefore the options are endless. One thing of note is that fabric can be resold at various fabric shops.  Any money you get back is worth it – especially if you change the room repeatedly.
  • Use Less Furniture, More Painting – Of course this is for the more artistic type.  You really can maximize some space by using less furniture and you can make your room look bigger by painting on designs and decorations on the room.  Painting is so fun and oftentimes relaxing. It is also something you and your child can get into together for some very lasting moments.

There are various kids room ideas but really you have to know what to do because you’re the parent.  You can’t go wrong if you want to try to develop their imaginations at such a young age. There is nothing better than watching your kid’s eyes light up to how awesome their room is.  The only problem is we as parents have to get a little creative ourselves – but it will be worth it!

Kids Room Ideas for Little Girls: Part 2

Jun 03

What to Think About Next

This is where it becomes a little more important to think about in regards to which princess or princesses you want to be a focus. Many pick Jasmine but some also go with Mulan or Ariel.  In either case, the main focus should be the main character.  For those who want to get extra creative with their work, they can add in the prince, too.  Popular ideas for after the character has been picked out is by painting – or using wall stickers and decals (probably the less stressful way to approach it) and sticking a scene of the movie in it. Others are ambitious and paint a picture with their daughter’s favorite characters with a little bit of a modern twist. Whichever way one goes, it doesn’t matter. It will be something your daughter will appreciate.

Other Things to Consider

Outside the walls, people go with decorating the furniture. Furniture can play the perfect role in setting the scene of the room.  Never neglect the furniture. If nothing else, it certainly gives the daughter something great at which to look.

Kids room ideas are always hard to come by, but the majority of girls will enjoy very much a Disney themed room complete with their favorite characters.

Kids Room Ideas for Little Girls: Part 1

May 05

Little girls have a different type of imagination than boys.  There are plenty of designs and ways that you can design a girl’s bedroom.  Little girls often remember things a lot more clearly and concisely than boys do.  If you doubt that, simply ask any grown man about their childhood. One of the particular areas of interest that girls have (ages 3-really up to the older ages) are princesses and in particular Disney princesses.  With this theme, your little girl will enjoy a lot of the aspects of the room and gain an appreciation for Disney. With the plentiful ideas at hand, parents could be overwhelmed with its potential.

Where It Starts

Parents, it’s okay to get your daughter involved.  They will enjoy picking out their own materials as much as you will.  But once you get that established, you need to start thinking about how to set up her room.  It should all start with the walls.  The size of the room doesn’t actually matter, believe it or not. Look at the walls and see where it goes.  Going with wallpaper, paint, or just going with stickers will depend on what kind of wall you have.  Some have rough edges while some are smooth and painted over. Once you’ve determined what kind of wall you have, determine the coating or cover for it.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Part 2

Apr 04

The Stickers

Once the backdrops are painted, it is easy to paste the stickers or decals where you see fit.  In an instant, you have a jungle room.  It is also okay to use any existing furniture, such as the bookshelf, dresser, and bed.  All of that only adds a little emphasis to the room.  The good thing about stickers and decals is that they can easily be taken down and replaced to further shift the look of the scene.

Have Fun

There are many kids room ideas but children of all ages at some point really enjoy lions, tigers, bears, and other ferocious animals.  It’s the simple things in life that make us appreciate our children.  Regardless of whether they have that set up for a year or even a month, you were able to decorate an elaborate and fun scene for your child. The important thing to do is to have fun with the whole thing.  It is a family effort and it provides opportunities to bond and be more active.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears: Part 1

Mar 03

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

As a young child you remember the fun times you had in the zoo.  You had a fascination with the big, ferocious animals (and the really small ones, too).  Well, why not bring those fascinations to your kid’s bedroom for a long time to come.  Bring the animal kingdom to life in the bedroom by getting a little creative.  Today, there are many decals and stickers that can be used – and coupled with paint, you have something great on your hands.  If one decides to get creative, parents (even kids) can mix and match different textures and fabrics to create an impressive scene.

The Paint

Paint, if used wisely, is a cost-effective way to decorate a room.  In this case, if you truly want a good animal scene, it is far cheaper to use paint for important backdrops such as grass, trees, sun, moon, and water structures.  These backdrops come in the form of molds that can be used to paint through so you don’t have to try your amateur art skills on your child’s wall.  Painting can go a long way in each room.  Regardless of the scene one decides to make, there are several paint choices to choose from and different scenarios in which to paint.  The only requirement here is a little creativity.  Painting does not have to be difficult and it is something that your child and their friends can get in on.

What to Think About

Feb 05

Generating Kids Room Ideas for the Parent

Every age group whether it is an infant to an adult will have a theme to a room – or at the very least some kind of design to it.  However, a child’s room is often the most interesting one because on the one hand they are out of that age of infancy and going into an age of understanding.  On the other they aren’t quite adults and start to develop a keen imagination.  Kids room ideas can be difficult to build and design because they take on various interests at different age levels.  What is chic one year may not be popular the next.   Everything in a kids room is fair play to be dressed up or touched with something.


Furniture consists of their bed, dresser, television, desks, and other things in the room that make it decorative.  In regards to furniture it can be touched up to fit a theme.  For the education inclined, a chalkboard dresser provides uniqueness – and you can write on it. Beds, frames and other furniture can also experience being a chalkboard for a while. This is just one of the many things that people do with their furniture.  Regardless of the direction one takes, furniture should not be forgotten about. Touch it up in your own way; it’s certainly not off limits.


Your walls are an open canvas.  People like buying decals or stickers with a particular theme and paste it to the wall. While that’s not a bad idea, there are many other options available like painting it or sketching a design that is near and dear to your child.  The kids room ideas just keep going.


The lighting is a unique aspect of any room. You can also change the lighting for your child to experience something obviously unique.  Change the color of the bulb or even add stickers to it.  Whatever you decide to do, one should never forget about the lighting, whether it is a lamp or ceiling light.

Where to Go from Here

A child’s imagination is key so it is important to be able to find a balance that your child will enjoy thoroughly.  Their room is a place they will see a lot.  Don’t forget, however, that the room will also be used for doing homework, play time, and many other things during the day.  Let the room be conducive to their needs.  Get their input if needed and provide that excellent environment for them to live and learn in.  Allow them to grow their imagination – and they will be better for it.

Developing Ideas

Jan 03

Developing Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Your child has a rampant imagination – what kid doesn’t. At such an early age they are learning and developing their thinking skills.  This growth is normal and they can further develop their learning and imagination by seeing what’s inside their room.  There are many kids room ideas that are creative, giving the child ample room to be imaginative and creative.  With anything from railroad tracks and trains to having Disney characters, there is no shortage of room ideas.

The only limitation to designing a kid’s room is the imagination.  Your child or children will have ample time in the bedroom. It is a place where they will sleep, wake up to, have sleepovers, a place to do homework, and somewhere to run to for relaxation.  Outside the living room (and probably the kitchen) their bedroom will be the most frequented room in the home.  Children have ideas so it’s okay to get your child in the act of picking out what they want for their room.  Some popular ideas include:

  • Superheroes – Superheroes are enjoyed by people of all ages – including adults.  There are plenty of reasons to enjoy super heroes and kids can love it by seeing their favorite hero on the walls and furniture of their room early.
  • Sports Theme – Whether you are a parent trying to get your child to enjoy the same sports team or you just want them to enjoy sports in general, a sports-themed room is quite the norm.  With decorations of all kinds for all sports team, you can enjoy watching your child pretending to be a pro.
  • Heroes – Not speaking to superheroes, but real-life ones.  Firemen, police officers, and military themed materials are available.  It is great to picture oneself as a hero and kids can do that on a daily basis. There are a lot of ideas for this theme to infiltrate the room.
  • Disney – For both boys and girls, a Disney-themed room is fun and imaginative.  Dress the bed up with characters or take advantage of decals and stickers to paste on walls.  The possibilities are endless.


A Child Will Remember Forever

No child soon forgets what their room was like – especially if they had a hand in designing and building it.  It is always fun to see the face of a child light up in laughter and joy and that can trickle down to your children too.  Enjoy the lasting memories and take advantage of the many kids room ideas there are.

Murals and Wall Decorations

Dec 27


There are a lot of things that you can do for murals. First, you should think of if you want to stick to one wall in the room, or incorporate all the walls in the art work. If you do one wall it is okay to go big. Big as in ceiling to floor art work. Making that one wall the focal point of the room is ideal. Themes like the ocean, jungle, cars, or animals are great. It is a pretty safe bet that if you do something along this scale, you will have years of enjoyment with your mural. If you are doing just one big mural there are many different ways to do it. You can paint it yourself, or if you are not up to the task, you can hire a professional to paint your idea of the mural. There are even wall paper murals. you can search online and pick one that you love. All you have to do is take measurements of the wall, and they will make it to where it will fit perfectly. There are even wall paper murals that self stick, and all you have to do is peel and stick on the wall. The best part about those are that they are reusable.

If you choose to do a theme for all the walls, you will want to do something simpler. Take for example cars. if you choose a theme like cars, you can draw a small simple winding road along all walls. You can include two cars on the road for each wall.  then you can also draw road signs along the walls, off from the road. It is never a good idea to do something elaborate on all walls because that makes the room to busy. That will surely overstimulate your child, and make the room seem to busy.

Wall Decorations

There are some pretty spectacular wall decorations that can enhance  your child’s playroom. You can get mazes and games that are made to be mounted on the wall. Or even play houses that are made to be built to stick out from the walls of the room. it looks like a mini house inside of your playroom. Remember those mirrors that make your face look stretched out and funny? You can even buy smaller versions of those to put on the wall in your playroom. Getting wood letters of your children’s names to paint and put on the walls is also a wonderful idea. It lets them know that they have a place to call their own when they see their name on the wall.

Creating a playroom is a lot of work, but will be well worth it when you see how much fun your little ones are having. All you have to do to make it easier on yourself is to have a plan. Before you get started you should have a outline and sketch of your idea of how you want the room to look like. This will make sure that your ideas for the room will make it from paper to reality. Plus, if your child is old enough, you should ask what they might want to see in their playroom. That way they feel like they have helped create their room. The most important thing about this whole project is to make sure you have fun. It is a playroom, so have fun while you create your child’s magical world.


Nov 26

Decorating rooms for children can be an easy but difficult thing to do. It is easy because it is so much fun. Letting your creativity come out to design for a child is amazing. You have so many different possibilities that can go into a children’s playroom. The reason why it is so difficult is because you want to make the playroom last. The meaning of that is, you need to make sure that it is decorated so that four or five years down the road the child is still interested in the room. So doing character themes are never a great idea. Do you think your child is still going to be interested in Barney or Elmo when they are eight? Unless you want to repaint and decorate the room again, character themes should be avoided.


If you decide to paint all the walls a different color, a nice soft paint color is the best to choose. It can be a light yellow, pink, blue, green, orange. Whatever ever color you want will be fine. The reason you should pick a soft color is because you can decorate over it. You can paint murals or just about anything over a nice soft base color. You should just think of this paint color as your starting point, and not the overall theme of the room.

The best paint ever invented has to be chalkboard paint. Just think about all the times your little one is going to get creative, and will want to draw you a nice big picture that is just not going to fit on their little piece of paper. Now just imagine yourself cleaning that beautiful picture off of the wall for hours. Not fun is it?! That’s when the chalkboard paint comes in handy. I know that some people just cant think of the color black going onto a wall. Well that great thing about the chalkboard paint is that it comes in different colors like:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Black, and every color in-between

You can put the paint on one wall, or just do a boarder around the bottom half of all the walls in the room. That way if your little one is tempted to draw on the walls, they are all safe to let them doodle wherever they want to. The kids will thoroughly enjoy drawing on a bigger scale, and you can keep their art up for as long as you want.

Game Room for Boys: Getting Started

Oct 12
By the age of seven or eight, most boys do not like the idea of having a “playroom”. At this age they really start getting into playing video games, and lose interest in playing make believe anymore. So if you already have a playroom set up and your child does not want to play in it anymore, it is time for a change. All you have to do is change the name to “game room” and make some simple changes. This will get your child playing in the room again in no time.

Get Rid of the Younger Toys

The last thing that your older boy wants to see is baby toys or a play house in his game room. He will not want his friends to come over and see toys that he has not played with in years. Parents, I know it is hard to let go, but get rid of them.  You might even want to go through the toys with your child so he can help in the decision of what stays in his room and what does not.  This way he knows what he will expect to have in his new and improved game room.


If there is a mural, or any kind of decorations geared toward younger children, it is time to paint. If the mural or decorations were made for your child to last throughout the years (not too child like) then keep it up if your son still likes it. For all those other decorations on the wall–get rid of them. Let the children go to the store with you to pick out the paint they would like in their game room. The paint color will set the tone for the rest of the room.

Chalk board paint will be a really good choice for a game room. Putting the paint on one of the walls will still allow your child to have artistic freedom, and all of his friends can leave him messages. What is great about chalkboard paint is that you can get it in almost any color. So if your child’s room is painted orange, you can find orange chalk board paint that will almost match the same color as the walls. Or you can even do a different color for the chalk board paint.

The Walls

Even though your son is older, it does not mean that the walls to the room have to stay bare. The best thing to do is ask your child for a list of his favorite games, and you can find posters of them to put up on the wall. You can find posters like:
  • Halo
  • Halo-Reach
  • Modern Warfare
  • Mario Kart
  • Donkey Kong
  • Angry Birds
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Gears of War
  • Pac-Man
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Portal 2, and many more

He might have some other ideas for his walls too. Maybe he would like to include his favorite sport. You can also find posters for that too. If he wants to incorporate his favorite football, baseball, or any sport they have awesome things. You can find removable decals that can stick on the wall. You can get them in his favorite team logo, or even his favorite player.